Golf Clubs in Luton

Golf is the game of a lifetime-When we are playing well it goes too fast and when it’s bad, mowing the lawn looks good. Golf is exercise and social-Hit it and drag your partner or doing the “Walk of Shame” after we let our partner down. Golf is therapeutic and a stress reliever-Sometimes more so for our spouse because we are out of their hair. Golf gets us closer to nature-The sound of the birds in the trees and then the sound of the ball banging around in the trees! Luton has great golf courses, which will let make you fall in love with the game! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, because you can enjoy playing this magical game with your frieds and family and have a great day at the same time.

South Beds Golf Club

South Beds Golf Club in Luton

Situated to the north of Luton, South Beds Golf Club lies on a belt of chalk known as the Galley and Warden Hills.
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Stockwood Park Golf Centre

Stockwood Park Golf Centre in Luton

This is the best place to play golf in Luton. The club has very reasonable prices and a very friendly staff. The course is very challenging and interesting.
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Tea Green Golf Centre

Tea Green Golf Centre in Luton

Located on the Eastern edge of Luton, Tea Green Golf Club is one of those hidden gems that, once discovered, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it and will want to return to time after time.
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